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Husker in orbit...ready for docking! Go Big Red!

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2362 days ago

Husker in orbit...ready for docking! Go Big Red!


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Mamamard 2361 days ago

This is how I will be in 20 years (actually better)

Thejadelord 2361 days ago

"...I'm sure I left the keys are here somewhere..."

okredkatt 2361 days ago

A big Boomer..Sooner going out to all in space! Glad to see Husker football returning to what it used to be.Some of best games were sitting next to Nebraska fans..many moons ago! Thanks for awsome pics...

Antigone68104 2362 days ago

Going to release red and white balloons from the airlock for the spring game? :)

NamikoF 2362 days ago

"Apr 07, 2010 16:44 JST"

Jim_Wiggenhorn 2362 days ago

Woo hoo. Nebraska will rise again. Go Big Red. :)

EireMegs35 2362 days ago

Hellooooo from outerspaaaaace! ;-)

UBUIBIOK 2362 days ago

Ha Ha Ha, now how did that ball cap get up there, someone call customs...

JQsan 2362 days ago

Big Hello Astro Clay! Congrats on ur Spacewalk! Holy Dada! That's an AWESOME Machine you got going!

MAMBO_XG 2362 days ago

I can see the man shaking hand from the window of shuttle!