Ryan Seacrest


The day will happen whether or not you get up. - John Ciardi

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2304 days ago

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MarkyMarkRockz 1913 days ago

What is that guy doing to that girl down there?

fadedcharm 1978 days ago

i don't like his hair cut.

chloedallanegra 2103 days ago

looks like he is trying to be like MJ to me. Sparkly coat..glove. hmmm!?

retropod 2170 days ago

I dont like him at all

PPD3066 2175 days ago

Yo! Down there!!!! I'm doing a show bro. Why don't you shut your damn mouth!!!!

CallMeJerms 2210 days ago

"Fine, I will take my clown nose off but it really accents my outfit!!!"

armnnrcso 2219 days ago

kanye to audience: so are you saying that there is roadkill on my head?

memiless 2236 days ago

That's messed up, man...

hilly_b18 2247 days ago

Spread some funk on it!! He's channeling his inner Michale Jackson. Ha! Kanye looks more like Michael than Michael does himself these days!

silvercowboybts 2252 days ago

Nice coat>>>>>>>

RAnkney 2252 days ago

Let your SOUL GLO!

gtekkrom 2262 days ago

Kanye sporting the 1980's Lionel Richie Hair! btw.. he sucked on IDOL! sorry :(

brownie00 2263 days ago

Kanye playing Billy Ocean in the movie. maybe???

adrez86 2285 days ago

Wake up Mr. West Mr. West...

corykent 2286 days ago

it's michael jackson in the "i wanna rock with you" video

shereej 2289 days ago

it looks like Lionel Richie.. hahahahaha

really_kris10 2295 days ago

it looks soo baaaaaaaad! its like . . . idk what its like but it looks really weird. so he needs 2 shave it off. i wonder how long it took him 2 gro it tho!!

musicluv_ 2295 days ago

yes to the "do" it worked on that night because everyone talked bout it!

knightryder76 2295 days ago

A mess!

justcallmetaz 2298 days ago

ay.. that chic ain't looking..why isn't she watching......