Ryan Seacrest


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MarkyMarkRockz 2544 days ago

Paris.... i know u like it

atimelady 2584 days ago

Nossa, o Jesse tá parecendo uma fã agarrando um ídolo. Logo a Paris? ugh!

ShiranSela 2584 days ago

haha jesse

letiojeda 2584 days ago


GabrielaLuworld 2610 days ago


psLoveAishah 2689 days ago

lol! i saw this photo!! so funny!! I want to hug him so! i'm jaleous! ahah He's so cute!! and so so funny! :D Love him 4ever!

jesshepburn 2689 days ago

wow! i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jesse! I love Paris too... Jesse probably made sure her dog wasn't there before he went up to her lol, he's scared of it ahaha :-) , x

LikeLovedrunK 2711 days ago


Jmacfans4life 2715 days ago

Jesse is just adorable!

CMCARO 2715 days ago

AWWW i love this pixx itz so funny i love

SlennaK 2748 days ago

lol...how cute!!

jody_buckby 2799 days ago


WildSexyFaith 2804 days ago

to all the idiots that dont know thats Jesse MCcartney ITS JESSE MCCARTNEY ! as for him holding her I think he did it for a joke like he usually does . BAD JESSE ! down boy be good LOL

twitty_Lilsarah 2813 days ago

Hahaha I thought that was very cute and funny of Jesse, when I saw him do that on E! t.v. I was like laughing and awww how sweet.

sophiachkarat 2836 days ago

What the! Hahaha! Hey!

IngridAmador 2847 days ago

whoa!!! :)

armnnrcso 2849 days ago

its like he's trying to get something from inside her dress. too bad its tight. =] and gordonjeffs' comment is HILARIOUS lol

feyantastic 2860 days ago

awkward and funny. hahahaha

rockonjb 2867 days ago

Jesse is GORGEOUS!

gtekkrom 2892 days ago

Wow, even this close I don't smell fish??