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Momma & Baby...

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1940 days ago

Momma & Baby...


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kmap71 1937 days ago

They are adorable! I'll stick with my 3 dogs and 3 cats and watch your Lemurs on tv though... ;)

aashley_11 1938 days ago

how cute i want one =)

goforthl131 1938 days ago

Awww how cute.

Ca_Rick 1939 days ago

Too cool.

Soon2bBabe09 1940 days ago

Aww that is too cute!!!

tammylea67 1940 days ago

OMG They are so cute. They look so soft!

cmk114 1940 days ago

How absolutely precious!!

rockincanegirl 1940 days ago

Awww! :)

Chelseymof2 1940 days ago

Awwwww to cute!You have done a good job raising then Kirstie.Good Job..

Cor_animates 1940 days ago

OMG they are so cute! I want one so bad lol.

paulajs75 1940 days ago

That looks like my daughter when i caught her doing something she wasnt supposed to do:)

twittingmom3 1940 days ago

OMG!! so cute

kariemarypop 1940 days ago

This is so beautiful, congrats!

mamaj2940 1940 days ago


leahmcduffie 1940 days ago

How sweeeeeeet!!!!! They are such funny creatures! I want to see more of your chinchillas! We are a chin family!!!!

BBerryBoldgirl 1940 days ago

"Not The Paparazzi again!" LOL

SupportGirl 1940 days ago

Oh my, too cute! That expression on it's face! :)

SupportGirl 1940 days ago

Oh my, too cute! That expression on it's face! :)

oledebb 1940 days ago

Too dang cute look at them peepers

RockstarRave 1940 days ago

Those are your pets?! I love lemurs!! Adorable!