i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Peppers hates traffic more than life itself.

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2275 days ago

Peppers hates traffic more than life itself.


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DamnedAfterAll 1685 days ago

Awn, so cute, but, does she drives well ? Hm.

addicted2Mcr 1687 days ago

aww, she's se cute!

mickykilljoy 1687 days ago

omg, that looks like my dog! i even have that harnest!!

leberynth 1740 days ago

this is a very CUTE DOG :D

RUMWOLF_ 1741 days ago

The dog that looks drunk (?????)

notafckngzombie 1859 days ago

aaaaawwww *0*

letiiciaway 1859 days ago

OMFG, why so cute? *o*

bewareofaliens 1859 days ago

too cute for life.

MNK_Molinas 1872 days ago


JagkAllTimeBlow 1929 days ago

hahahahaha i can't LMAO

katyisnot0nfire 2044 days ago

aww aww aww

Jubmasterflex 2130 days ago

Holy shit, are you seriously rocking a Honda Element!?

<3 My Element (Dog Package by any chance?)

LoreLioncourt 2133 days ago

Crashed ... and I regret leaving it so tiny lead over me haha xD bye frank jaja I hope and I said, would be fun to talk to you bye n_n

LoreLioncourt 2133 days ago

Continued....: and does not save because he lent the car if she comes walking faster than that thing xD if you think that insurance jajaja xD xoxo

LoreLioncourt 2133 days ago

Oh shit ..I want a dog like that ... >. < And my mom still not buying hm m I like to have one are so tender, I love dogs and want a fucking hell .. Drilling hahaha well that the case will not xD jajaja, Mr. Peppers insurance esw think traffic sucks

micabrada 2141 days ago

wowow... If he hates the traffic then recommend not to visit Argentina , in particular, San Luis hahahah

Izzynomsllamas 2159 days ago

Why you at petco? please dont tell me your one of those clothes-wearing dogs...but an mcr shirt would be cute on you

emilyann377 2160 days ago

awhh! hes so cutee!!

awkwardscilence 2163 days ago dod looks jus like that and he has the same harness >< how adowable^.\\\

SuperVirus 2187 days ago

I'm sorry that your dog is clinically depressed. That's...special. In a bad way.