Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Fresh delivery from Earth!

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2362 days ago

Fresh delivery from Earth!


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Anto2312 2353 days ago

jajajaj, Ask for a Pizza!

PC0101 2357 days ago

The apple has been eaten, I can offer you a water droplet instead, here:

mimimarutaro 2358 days ago


sgomezm 2359 days ago

Takes another picture leaving the Delicious apple floating in gravity 0 ... Please!!!!!!!!!

JQsan 2360 days ago

LOL! The Beginning of an Apple pie!

mouadch 2361 days ago

lmmmm :d .... delicious in space =^^=

BarbyCorral 2361 days ago


rob_ofthepampas 2361 days ago

I should say "flyin' boys & GIRLS", sorry... Enjoy your deserved green gifts!!!

rob_ofthepampas 2361 days ago

YUM! Hey, you... flyin' boys!! Enjoy the sweet gifts of Mother Gaia there! ;-)

pi3rui3 2361 days ago

宇宙食のイメージってなんか、チューブに入ってるような・・・。地球のリンゴ 宇宙で食せば 宇宙食?あら、一句出来ちゃった。

aibotaro 2361 days ago

Enjoy Newton :-)

Ghana_b 2361 days ago


yuuki_111_n 2361 days ago


xxkoumexx 2361 days ago


johnbluestar 2361 days ago

Hello !!!! soichi in the Eart one apple for you is nothing , but in space is like a wonderfull thing, rigth ?

kiku0221 2361 days ago


ericporcher 2361 days ago

By the time light from this object in space reaches earth it will likely have been swallowed up.

hippy_m_waka 2361 days ago


201s 2362 days ago

Please eating!! by earth.

suka0421 2362 days ago