Love is an unexplainable feeling, So the next time somebody asks you why you love them, if you have the words, you may not love that person.

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MrsGraham2012 1931 days ago

OMG r soooo fine!!!!

redgirltp 1967 days ago

Aww! This picture is SO cute! I love you, T-Pain. And I already knew those stories about you getting punched in your face weren't true anyway. I sent you a few , too. I'm not sure if you got them. Again, I love you.

alldayerrday 1968 days ago

Nigga ear look like a vortex portal. Black hole or some shit

MzXoxoSweet 1969 days ago

Still not naked...well your just the man of disappointments huh? *jokes* You know you sexy!

PaulaPrasniski 1969 days ago

say to ur brother that i miss him a lot! ;) kisses, luv u

TheChrisBreezy 1969 days ago

I don't remember hitting you, or were you always just that ugly? I want to do a Kiss Kiss remix. My album sales not looking so good.

The_wilsontwins 1969 days ago


PaulaPrasniski 1969 days ago

tá de zoeira, neh velho?