Victoria Jane Asher


How did I end up in Cobra Starship? I joined eharmony, posted a couple tit pics and here I am.

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Gizmo and I mornings I couldn't resist taking a photo!

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1623 days ago

Gizmo and I mornings I couldn't resist taking a photo!


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cindytcobra 1586 days ago

ohoh,nice socks,and i realy love your glasess

cindytcobra 1586 days ago

aawww,you look very cute togrther

rex_ferric 1605 days ago


indieleduc 1613 days ago

i love your hair colour ( L )

vlvitor 1617 days ago

Best. Picture. Ever. Simply as that. :)

Jeki_Bravo 1619 days ago

OMG gizmo is soooo cuteee it looks like a peluche jajaja sorry but i don`t remember how to say that in english..

FancyFrantic 1621 days ago

Oh. My god. Gizmo looks like a flipping toy!

MmexWentz 1621 days ago

I love your hair and Gizmo is so cute :)

Angiie_Paniqoza 1621 days ago

... and your glasses, and your phone... and your dog!! xDD

Angiie_Paniqoza 1621 days ago

wow! i'm loving your hair!!! ♥_♥

cooerhard 1621 days ago

Awesomesocks :DDD Aww Gizmos really cute

DunzDreams 1622 days ago

BTW did you stole Alex' glasses?

DunzDreams 1622 days ago

“You’re the first person I met with an iPhone”[like that..] nice pic

FortunataDeCoco 1622 days ago

You two look so adorable! Gizmo's so cute and cuddly! :)

mapquestit 1622 days ago

Right here you kinda remind me of Velma Dinkly off of Scooby Doo just saying :P Tasteful socks though

Justawhitelie_ 1622 days ago

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ♥

annastrophes 1622 days ago

Gizmo's head looks so fluffy!! What're you guys lookin' at? :P

nateycob723 1622 days ago

too cute. i'm jealous. especially jealous of gizmo cuz hes in your hands. #fuckgizmo

xoxoxohirococo 1622 days ago

you're adorable vicky...and fallin' love with you bothxP

lemonadelisa 1622 days ago

cute gizmo!