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Tore my shit up at the Murderdolls sessions

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2059 days ago

Tore my shit up at the Murderdolls sessions


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Karensaidhi 1458 days ago

Ya want be sticking that any where soon i can tell ya!

Karensaidhi 1458 days ago

I hate to ask where that has been! Ladies welcome to the music industry! Bimbo's go first!

Karensaidhi 1458 days ago

I cut my finger once. I used a bandaide. Ya can get them from most places. try it they are quite good

DinoBozzo 1937 days ago

I've popped the top of my finger on a bass. Get some Lotion! your shit looks dry as hell!!!!!!

sarahtammymarie 2054 days ago

I think you need a nurse, hehehehe

MikaVicious 2056 days ago

ouch!but sounds great that u did play with M.Dolls!Mars Rule!!xoxo

scarrletstar 2059 days ago

i can't wait to hear that blood on the album!!!

CdnHockeyChic 2059 days ago


Jodi_V 2059 days ago

Ouch! Poor baby

tammyb66 2059 days ago

damn that is a good session:P

sablestarrsixx 2059 days ago

awww omgsh!!!

rainydayjade 2059 days ago

say what Mr JM.OUCH I SEE♥

andrea_sn 2059 days ago

Ouch !!! :S !!! The fingers of the rock star ...

Celtic_Dragon33 2059 days ago

OUCH! That looks like it hurt!

estrella_star 2059 days ago

You are so hard corpse!! Badass mother fucker you are! Love,STAR

Musashi_HUmar 2059 days ago

Been there, done that. Hope it heals soon, man.

dannysweet_ 2059 days ago

my gosh

Jessiahbella 2059 days ago

Ooooh that shit stings!

faimcnasty 2059 days ago

...eew... go change your strings!:-D

jonblanchette 2059 days ago

Isn't the best way to be paining? By Rock N Roll!?