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2242 days ago


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Saevio 2241 days ago

Isn't it ironic how we're lambasted by MP's for not caring and not showing up to vote? Maybe they should lead by example...

RadicalRick 2241 days ago

The same day they were all so worried about who we are all going to vote for and making some terribly false speeches.
This is the performance you will be based on, not how much you can spend on writing staff.

ModernCourtesan 2241 days ago

i was a labour supporter, but their stupidity in creating this bill, the method they choose to drive this through, the sheer arrogance in attempting to do this under the radar, when a general election is due to occur in a month means i'm voting tory.

alfonsofr 2241 days ago

¬°Vaya llenazo! A esto le llamo yo un quorum.

pickoo 2241 days ago

"Democracy live" ... No, I think it just passed away.

cjjmccray 2242 days ago

I think I count 39 MPs (6%) - the bloke in the solo chair bottom-right is a recorder, I think, so doesn't count. Just typical.

Adam_Blackwell 2242 days ago

how reassuring . . .