Demi Moore


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POSTPROMPT 2233 days ago

slipperiest shoes ever brings back memories looks better with the skinny jeans instead of frilly dress both pimpin'

Acidburn70 2234 days ago

Did you steal Duckies shoes and paint them black! I love them!!!

TateTwo 2296 days ago

you put your left foot take your left foot out .... come on, sing along lol

jasperprincess 2304 days ago

size 14 or what you got some big ass feet!!

MagicMum72 2304 days ago

Hoffentlich nicht die Schuhe von Demi *jeppi

thePigOutInnBBQ 2308 days ago

wingtips with ankle socks?!

kyoticca 2308 days ago

I love foot shots! Where is this at?

lucky10_13 2347 days ago

r those Ashtons shoes? lol

naturelady 2349 days ago

What's with the socks??

LPPsychicTracey 2349 days ago


jdsimonmn 2361 days ago

Vintage? Yikes, they look like my husband's from a couple years ago.

_majesty 2363 days ago

now if u have penny loafers u r the taking it waaaay back

Ange77H 2363 days ago

lovin the shoes. I bought a pair just like these last weekend. Although... cream socks?? :-)

chrissy80 2364 days ago

nice carpet

megganakiss 2364 days ago

My granpa had a pair of those...

Sharon3rd 2364 days ago

What size are they?

KathleenParkes0 2364 days ago


tammy_mtbvc 2364 days ago

Those are awesome! With jeans or tight and a skirt- great find!

jford285 2365 days ago

those aren't oxfords they're wingtips...i have some that are about 40 yrs old and still have the original leather sole on them.

JeannieBear 2365 days ago

Sorry but those are hideous!!! Put them back!!!