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Me and my keytar!!!!! How ya like??? GET REAAAADDDYYYY FOR TOMORRROOWWWWW!!!!!! ;-)

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2303 days ago

Me and my keytar!!!!! How ya like??? GET REAAAADDDYYYY FOR TOMORRROOWWWWW!!!!!! ;-)


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EstefanyValdezB 1901 days ago

I love your keytar!!

MeliBams 2025 days ago

Yes I Like! GO AHEAAAD!!!!!!!! One on my favorite part of the show! :D

elevenses9s11sH 2047 days ago

Hold your horses baby lol

sassymassey29 2109 days ago

been thare seen that lolz

cassandra974 2118 days ago

i love this splendid instant in paris bercy May 31st

sbniang 2118 days ago

You are the truth girl!

MajorKitana 2138 days ago

I'll be a whore like you.Find me a best black guys!that they fucked my black ass!!!

bcw0821 2166 days ago

So creative love this idea whoever made this idea, and smart. Sending love and joy

UrsulaWhosoever 2172 days ago


JasonTweeets 2174 days ago

thats pretty dope...a keytar!!?

karo0990 2179 days ago

Honestly? I don't even have words to describe how awesome your keytar and you are!!!

MeliBams 2204 days ago

WAOU!!!!!! 1 of my favorites part of the show!!!!!! I see you at Marseille (France) and Lyon (France)

izziehernandez 2206 days ago

love your keytar! i would love it if u would add a ukulele in 1 of ur songs

JazzyBabii89 2210 days ago

I was there that night and that was one of my favorite parts!!! I L.O.V.E. you Alicia!!! I cried when you sang LITERALLY!!!

LADYNES_29 2219 days ago

Lol so cute n unique...

MasDulcePasion 2229 days ago

wow That is one crazy keytar!!! I remember I use to have one when I was little:)

aneewsweet 2232 days ago

i loveeeeeee it !

ilovelellowXx 2241 days ago

OHMIGOD freakkkkkin awesome girl. im loving it. send me one.

rudy651 2242 days ago


rudy651 2242 days ago