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I met @taylorswift13 on Thursday, May 13, 2010. That Day Was A Fairytale. Now I'm living for Jesus my Savior, and Him alone 3

Fan Project for Taylor!!! Mission 13 :) Plz RT!

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2440 days ago

Fan Project for Taylor!!! Mission 13 :) Plz RT!


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stormie2817 2413 days ago

hey, i just sent mine in. i hope you received it!! :)

melissabell13 2422 days ago

that's such a good idea (: I'll be participating!

aleecarmona 2423 days ago

Great of course I'll do it ;D i'll mail it tomorrow Thank you(:

OperationSwift 2423 days ago

This sounds completely amazing! I lovelovelove this idea :)

Orla_Cunningham 2423 days ago

alrightyy ! Sounds awesome . 13 here we come !

kaitlynann 2426 days ago

I'm sending mine now. :)

SaniaRifa 2429 days ago

If I can know, how many participants join this project ?? :)

stormie2817 2429 days ago

love this idea. good job!! and i'll send it as soon as i can!! (:

Evaline01 2430 days ago

um.... wat if u dont know how to send the pic...then wat

SarahAvrilRocks 2430 days ago

Just sent mine :)

yculjones2u2 2432 days ago

just sent mine :)

HeyItsVali 2432 days ago

I'm from Chile, it's ok? (:

HeyItsVali 2432 days ago

of course I'll do it!! :)

HelenaWSupport 2432 days ago

i'll def. do it

SweetieSwifty13 2434 days ago

Ditto. I'll definitely participate!

AlannaOLeary 2434 days ago

im in 13

TAS13fan 2434 days ago

will do. :) 13

realperson24 2434 days ago

im going to do this

SashaMarks13 2434 days ago

i will deff do this!

marinaaa513 2435 days ago

Woohoo, just hit 1300 views on this picture! Don't forget to send in your Mission 13 pics!