Marble Hornets


Received this text message from an unknown number.

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2397 days ago

Received this text message from an unknown number.


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Superjuju4 1539 days ago

i like this.

Beeblebeebs 1826 days ago

cont. They deserve it, they're doing a great job, I think their movie would be a lot better than-

Beeblebeebs 1826 days ago

cont. But I really doubt you can, and If they do get big and have a movie made, kudos to them.

Beeblebeebs 1826 days ago

Hey Klara, if you think you can do a better job than these guys, be my guest.

totodil_e 1845 days ago


cookieloverz_23 2043 days ago

Umm....Thanks Kara. Because we never knew this was scripted at ALL,or the fact that the video effects are added in.

KaraMacIntosh08 2043 days ago

Marblehornets is all a scam. If you have ever heard of "The Blare Witch Prodject", this is what these people are trying to do. Get a movie made out of it and become famous. You can tell everything is acted out and video affects are added. I mean my dog ca

Profasir 2043 days ago

April 4th is Alex's birthday!
Alex's birthday video has the Operator Sign flash over his face!!!

BNoel93 2138 days ago

ok so i just tested a theory on my iphone. the number was obviously saved in his phone then altered to 35:77//47 i know this because when you dont have a number in your phone it says "save to contacts" not "contact info"

fanvacolt 2140 days ago

If the number "35:77//47" would be real it couldnt stand "Contact Info" ...

keeperoftheend 2140 days ago

Try 1123

ienahria 2150 days ago

Tried dialing 1810 on the safe?

skinnyhairy 2163 days ago

In case nobody has noticed.. its the date the video came out on youtube

Namrednels 2176 days ago

01010111 01100001 01101001 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110

ashxlovex 2185 days ago

In my opinion I think thats when J gets the package and finds out the Alex was alive.

Emerald_10 2191 days ago

you know.. scary thing all my accounts got phished that day.. it's also david tennants birthday

tyciol 2262 days ago

Victor Surge did not create him. He is working for Slenderman. He may not know this though.

TheStoryThief 2330 days ago

I wouldn't accept it as a date just yet. Anyone tried numerology and all that? Perhaps a real message is there.

HyperCubed4 2371 days ago

Slender Man himself began on the Something Awful forums. Not in Germany.

yrbkjosh 2379 days ago

The Slenderman Legend began in germany and was thought to be some type of creature/spirit that appeared in times of great loss or danger