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1945 days ago


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geo_liu 1941 days ago

with the iPad? If you had just given me the image and no descriptor I would've said "photoshop"!

missakinmola 1942 days ago

OMG!!! This is brilliant!

peachjello 1944 days ago

cray good. Immemse respect :)

dukefreed 1945 days ago


S_F_Drake 1945 days ago


amowiel2003 1945 days ago

To cool for words!

victomon 1945 days ago

Thats some detail just using your pinky.

LORDZAVULON 1945 days ago

MEEEOOOOOOOOWWWW!!! SEXY CAT as always!!! heheheh

AlRoeker 1945 days ago

~gasp!~ WoW

theKINGofDOPE 1945 days ago

motion in the blur is great.. fine example of ipad as a quick sketch tool

BeefyAmazeBalls 1945 days ago

Wow.. that's really amazing. Awesome work Jim, like always!

bamf27art 1945 days ago

why can't I see the image?

LikChan 1945 days ago

wow Jim, your fingerpaintin' skills are off the hook!

RJRHQ 1945 days ago

Mr. Lee, That is amazing! I think I prefer it to your regular style? Do some covers on that thing!

leasurej 1945 days ago

And this means the DC App is when?

ManicTrash 1945 days ago

Amazing!! I love it

Ivan_Costa 1945 days ago

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you will do using a pogo stylus...

a_jcd_w 1945 days ago

awesome stuff!!! and only after an hour with the app...

curiopraxis 1945 days ago

What app is that?

Nethound3k1 1945 days ago

That's awesome!!!