Im pretty awesome..i live TheSecret, HUGE into music, Ghost Adventures, UFC/MMA, the NY Jets & Mets, horror & history :D

Happy Easter, luv Bree & @Peachdracon (i gots jager for easter! kick ass!!)

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1977 days ago

Happy Easter, luv Bree & (i gots jager for easter! kick ass!!)


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MissBree29 1976 days ago

im sure i can hook up a few shots!! :D i got a monkey too..see?

Dutch_GAC 1976 days ago

hahaha looks like you guys had a blast!! LOL

bansheekat 1976 days ago

so you got jager eh? you bring enough for everybody?

MissBree29 1976 days ago

here ya go! then after we went to cheesecake factory & had the bestest din din!! wOoT!!

MissBree29 1977 days ago

wOoT!! hope ur havin a great easter too!! :D

ChelseaRoses 1977 days ago

Ahhh, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Happy Easter!

MissBree29 1977 days ago

yeeeeeeah buddy!! just gotta wait for it to get ice cold!! wOoT!! how's Mer's & ur day thusfar?

Josh_Frazetta 1977 days ago

Time To Get Crunk

MissBree29 1977 days ago

i got a lil monkey, some smell goods from bath & body works & a bottle of jager for Easter!! epic WIN!!

Raysha_Harris 1977 days ago

Aww Thanks! :D

MissBree29 1977 days ago

happy Easter!! Peachie says so tooo!!!!

Raysha_Harris 1977 days ago

Awww awesome! Happy Easter to you and !!! Luvs you two girls :)