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Psychologist, author and magician. At Univ of Hertfordshire, but personal twitter account.

Just come across this v v old pic of dawkins and my good self. Captions?

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2308 days ago

Just come across this v v old pic of dawkins and my good self. Captions?


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Von_Cheam 2308 days ago

"I may be pretty underdressed for the occasion, but I brought this seriously snazzy painting with me.."

Richard_Girvan 2308 days ago

Dawkins looks concerned, Wiseman thrilled.

TheRichTurner 2308 days ago

An embarrassment of Richards.

TheRichTurner 2308 days ago

Failing to see an invisible fish, 2 sceptics declared it a "cod delusion".

jimfolle 2308 days ago

"You must be the two Dicks I was expecting."

WoodferyWood 2308 days ago

One of these men is going to be a well liked and respected academic, and an appreciated author on scepticism, rationality and sound judgement. The other is Richard Dawkins....(joke) :-D

cooker3 2308 days ago

Richard we have found proof of the supernatural. Beside you is a real life Benjamin Button.

ReliegiousMarie 2308 days ago

RDlisps: 'Riishad, whas the tree doing on yr bck? i said only the tree-paintnggg' RWlisps: yeh shhrry, im temptd, jst hav2'.

AlyzabethM 2308 days ago

"Trying hard not to imagine her holding her breasts...think of physics...."

clairenelson 2308 days ago

"Gentleman, if you don't put that picture back where you found it I'm going to strangle you slowly and painfully."

lukejvenables 2308 days ago

Richard: "Oh no Richard. I think I'm sobering up."
Richard: "I know what you mean Richard. This chick doesn't look nearly as hot as she did."

esperto123 2308 days ago

you had hair!!!

tkingdoll 2308 days ago

What's that you're holding, Constable?

PenguinGalaxy 2308 days ago

"No, there is no evidence that the eye was necessarily created in the shape of a sphere . . ."