Daniel Orton


College basketball player at the University of Kentucky. Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Crazy huh?!

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2275 days ago

Crazy huh?!


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DunBrunsb 1946 days ago

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rebekahboard 2271 days ago

haaha you should have said, "yeah dude it's a SCAPEGOAT. not 'and escape goat.' "

Coach_Cole 2271 days ago

Like many have said, this is one of a small percentage of outrageous UK fans. Most of us understand your decision. While I, and I'm sure many others, would love to see you stay with the Big Blue, we understand your decision and wish you luck.

MansAddiction 2271 days ago


MansAddiction 2271 days ago


MansAddiction 2271 days ago

He's a idiot and your a great player one person doesn't make a team all the work you guys did together it what made us have a great season. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

savannahmeade1 2271 days ago

geez, don't listen to what all these stupid people are saying about you. personally, i think your a great ballplayer, & i'm a HUGE fan :D

mike579uk 2271 days ago

Daniel, This is 1% of UK fans, or some L-ville fan trying to make UK fans out to be hateful. I've been UK fan all my life and if any college athlete has an opportunity to be drafted in the 1st round - GO FOR IT. I bet Mark would take a job offer if it was

hoostw 2272 days ago

this is crazy...an iPhone with full Signal...

MaLjenk9 2272 days ago

unbelievably ridiculous. we support your choice and wish you the best of luck! i hope you enjoyed your time at kentucky. you should be very proud!

plpfctn 2272 days ago

come back to UK daniel

cmwluvswildcats 2273 days ago

this guy is a douche. daniel ur awesome and i would love to have u back next year because at the end of the day money will always be around but your college experience wont. im just sayin. we love yall!!

ShGora 2273 days ago

Do your thing Daniel. I'd love to see you back in the blue and white, for selfish reasons, but the NBA is why you came to UK in the first place. School will be here when you get finished. Thanks for playing here and don't be a stranger. You are family to

nickmatt5692 2273 days ago

dude go to the nba if you can go.

CatzFanPA 2274 days ago

Yo, big DO... this guy is an idiot. REAL Kentucky fans will support you no matter what you decide to do. Live your life kid and enjoy the ride. Me and the rest of the Pennsylvania wildcat nation will be following you and supporting you. We love ya bro

bjppta 2274 days ago

Obviously Mark has too much time on his hands since Loserville hasn't been playing ball for several weeks now. Get a life, Mark! Do what's best for you, Daniel and thanks for a great year at UK!!

cbanks30 2274 days ago

1 Daniel we in the BIG BLUE NATION love ya buddy make that money

cbanks30 2274 days ago

you must be a lousville fan or something or your trying to live through them dont bother him let him get his bread fuck you mark dont be fukin with our boys best season in years we had your a fukin jike you drunk bastard leave daniel alone bitch

bleedblue4life8 2274 days ago

mark has to be a poser no true big blue fan would talk to a player this good and this nice of a guy. Daniel if u see this much love for all you did at UK,uhelp make this season the most fun in many years!!!!

Zig2K 2274 days ago

Holy cow!! I hope Mr. Hamilton didn't attend UK. Maybe the worst grammar and punctuation I have ever seen! Follow your dreams Daniel (and don't sign with an agent until you are certain where you'll get drafted)