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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Pancake 3: spinosaurus aegypticus

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1973 days ago

Pancake 3: spinosaurus aegypticus


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denverbr1 1973 days ago

This one needs a really good chiropractor......

mroberts05 1973 days ago

You are SUCH A TALENTED so many ways! Love it Brad! You make me smile!

MtlArmyMom 1973 days ago

Your mother and father must be so proud;-)

ZynWoof 1973 days ago

Man, how do you know all these names? Are you a closet paleontologist?

BPaislySavnGrac 1973 days ago this one ;) You are so talented- your boys must LOVE these. Great details.....

MaryK61 1973 days ago

This dino looks a fancy-pants type- I can envision him on broadway

jjg32f44 1973 days ago

he looks like he needs a good chiropractor- ouch:)

hillbillygirl81 1973 days ago

Holy Cow!! This takes pancake making to a new level!! Mine are various blob shapes. Very impressive pancake making skills :)

wodin77 1973 days ago

OH MAN!!!!!!!! look at that filigree!!!!!!!

GypsyGurl55 1973 days ago

This one may b my favorite. I'd love to know how u did these? My boys would enjoy this.:)

LeahWirun 1973 days ago

Very intricate. I especially like the spikes.

JerseygalUK 1973 days ago

Ah. Looks like a pancakeoptyrus to me!

hannahbauer21 1973 days ago

this is very cool!!!

karatedude8192 1973 days ago

I'm very impressed by your pancakeship. What a great way to celebrate Easter. You think you could make me some?