Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Twentieth moon tonight. Fuke-machi-zuki in Japanese.

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2479 days ago

Twentieth moon tonight. Fuke-machi-zuki in Japanese.


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Cheryluwxob 2208 days ago

nHi check out

AvaMaria_1970 2451 days ago

I am looking for a moon photograph so I can write a poem. I can feel the words already coming to mind.

RckyMntLuv 2469 days ago

and now, the sun, has gone, to bed, and so must long, so long, goodnight

Kingdaviiid 2473 days ago


crikatia 2473 days ago

Linda! Parece a foto do Filme Lua Nova!rsrsr

La_Maya 2474 days ago

Super linda! Procurando aqui o link de "follow", um minutinho...

sachiyogarden 2475 days ago

So so so beautiful....

jms2509 2475 days ago

Great pic man amazing!!!

songchan712 2475 days ago


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PC0101 2476 days ago

See, my friend mojo1647 is even more precise and a second faster .... :-))))

PC0101 2476 days ago

Details about cameras on board of the ISS are here: Soichi mainly uses Nikon D2Xs or Nikon D3X.

mojo1647 2476 days ago

Nikon D3x is 24MP, full frame without the 1.5X lens factor.

mojo1647 2476 days ago

this photo was taken with a Nikon D2Xs (12 MP) and a Nikon 400mm f/2.8 lens with a 2X teleconverter. For this camera, the 35mm equiv. focal length is 1200mm. Exposure is 1/125s at f/16. There is also a Nikon D3X on board the ISS -- 24 MP, full f

luppiye 2477 days ago

"Every village must have its headman; every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman. And, as you know, every letter must be written by someone. How, then, can it be that so extremely well-ordered a kingdom should have no ruler?

windowjane 2477 days ago

so nice

burnsbur 2477 days ago

What kind of camera are you shooting with?

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kaledmassud 2477 days ago

Uma Boa Noite a Todos! Com essa linda imagem da Lua!

Twigdude 2477 days ago

Awesome pic!