Kim Clijsters


Mother, wife, sister, daughter, tennis player - I have many aliases ;-)

So thrilled to have won this tournament again! Here I am with Wim and Sam, well done guys!!

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2392 days ago

So thrilled to have won this tournament again! Here I am with Wim and Sam, well done guys!!


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dashingfrancis 2214 days ago

u luk gr8.....

THEDJER7 2344 days ago

Great win in Miami, you are one of my favs in tennis! You show great class out there win or lose. Too bad won't be seeing you in the French Open.

patomhf 2386 days ago

Congrats on your Miami title Kim, it was great to fly all the way from South America to watch you play and meeting you and having a picture taken with you after your match against Justine Henin.... not only you are the greatest player, you are a very nice

rheasun 2387 days ago

well done on miami win. lovely to see you playing again

gercc89 2388 days ago

yeiiiiiiiii urra for kim

Patwall 2391 days ago

I've always enjoyed watching you play. So nice that you are back and really nice that you're in top form. Go get 'em

diptivaid 2391 days ago

congrats a ton! knew u'd do it :)

Bandit420 2391 days ago

Awesome win Kim, I knew you could do it! Jada was precious!

CharlotteLesne 2391 days ago

Very good Kim !

TalStoffelen 2391 days ago

You're the best! :)

redcomet_m 2392 days ago

gratz kimzilla!!!

vids_mank 2392 days ago


elliewhitt 2392 days ago

Congratulations kim!! You were amazing!!! Can't wait to hopefully see you at Wimbledon in the summer!! :D x

KCCluvs10s 2392 days ago

Incredible tournament Kim. I learn so much watching you play, and I am so glad you are back playing again. Your humility and grace are truly inspiring!

Paiva_Araujo 2392 days ago

Congratulations Kim! Now ask for a wildcard and come to Estoril. You will see that you are going to win Roland Garros. It's a tradition that occurred frequently with former champions. Find out ...

BennyG_01 2392 days ago

Congrats on the winning the title Kim :) Must be such a wonderful feeling to perform at big tournaments like Miami against good top quality players. You deserve it :)

fatcats_friend 2392 days ago

I'm sooo happy for you - congrats on your win from your (self-named) no 1 aussie fan! Good luck for your next tournament.

ivyfiloteo 2392 days ago

well done kim ! keep it going.

mjlohm 2392 days ago

GREAT JOB KIM! User Bella1241, although entitled to your opinion, Kim WON very deservedly. Get a grip! Keep the negative comments to yourself. GREAT TOURNAMENT KIM!!

angele87 2392 days ago

Love the pic... congrats Kim, great tournament!