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The official twitter of the BBC's flagship film programme every Friday from 2pm on BBC Radio 5 live and via podcast.

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2298 days ago


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chuddy1 2256 days ago

dont know what to go and see tonight with now with my 14 yr old son, Grand Torino ?

grannybuttons 2268 days ago

My god, the lovechildren of Richard Nixon and Jenny Eclair!

simoncderry 2270 days ago

mayo: Yes Mark, the Ronco ear hair trimmer still works perfectly.......

mikebreed 2295 days ago

The URL of this page sounds a bit harsh.

antony_durose 2296 days ago

That brings back a few memories

neilgains 2298 days ago

great view from here Petunia!

TexasBrit 2298 days ago

Most unfortunate URL ever!

TexasBrit 2298 days ago

Yep, the brain-eating beetle is still in there Mark.

medianews79 2298 days ago

Man I accidentaly deleted my slumdog millionaire anyone know where I can get the complete podcast from?

GuyTree 2298 days ago

Simon you look like his concerned CPN!

EstRas1970 2298 days ago

He just looks so bewildered....

takewhat 2298 days ago

You are not wrong Simon - that IS a gray hair! *g*

Partyhat1962 2298 days ago

It's the poster for "Brokeback 5 Live"

Joon123 2298 days ago

See the light Simon..? Where's the Quiff gone.?

johnnywmills 2298 days ago

And the award for the most buttons on a waistcoat goes to.................

SophieFigon 2298 days ago

Mark actually looks quite tense and could easily be on a film poster for a romantic drama. Simon, i'm not so sure....

MarianKemmer 2298 days ago

Relaxed? - the good Doctor looks bewildered & as though he's searching for an escape route ....

davidbraithwait 2298 days ago

This is really camp .. dont you think ?

Frell_Me_Dead 2298 days ago

Vinnie & Gazza: The Remake

evilbritxxx 2298 days ago

Simon Mayo and the worlds worst Mark Kermode ventriloquist dummy