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2261 days ago


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karenbirch 2258 days ago

I'd love to see this in pointy pointy pointy 3D!

Redmanthinks 2260 days ago

Yes, I believe he`s turning into the Eagle Scout himself.

james2025a 2261 days ago

Is it just me or is the good doctor turning into David Lynch? He just needs to do his shirts top button up and hes there.

rodneys 2261 days ago

…murky underbelly…

superkid16 2261 days ago

'Ear...didn't you kill my bruvver? Oh must've bin me.

JayT303 2261 days ago

Just for men is needed me thinks.

takewhat 2261 days ago

Is that the guy they hired as the lead i "Taken 2"? His mission is to kill everybody in Europe starting with B ? ;)

AvelingArtworks 2261 days ago

Is Mark's quiff inspired by anything or anyone in particular? Tintin perhaps...??

johnnywmills 2261 days ago

I think, on balance, that I preferred the blurred one! Welcome to Twitterworld chaps.

MulversTheMelon 2261 days ago


MarianKemmer 2261 days ago

The look of suspicion is most becoming, as is the cute curl atop the quiff

Joon123 2261 days ago

Wow how scary is that.... And look at the state of that Studio..!!

SophieFigon 2261 days ago

Bless you Mark, and Simon you are evil for taking that pic! However, it is hilarious, I'm sure Mark isn't happy....

NickMitford 2261 days ago

The good Doctor FuManchu