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I and iPad

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2482 days ago

I and iPad


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r0bErT4u 2339 days ago

What about your Modbook Pro? If you're not using it ... hint hint =0p...

Sweetest__Sin 2379 days ago

HEHEHE!! LUUUUCKY!!! :) hey... why can't I direct message you??

userbadshah 2388 days ago

yea great things comes from great Ideas thats y we love Apple... m little fan from India.. n sadly very less followers from India...

JohnLamprea 2392 days ago

Woz gracias por venir a Colombia de nuevo!.. gracias por compartir tanta sabiduria. Un abrazo.

iINTERSPECIES 2447 days ago

2of2 - Star Trek (LCARS) and humanized the Enterprise with Self-admin/control (how BeOS in the Past - because the Intel Chip is, you know, separated [living apart] ) - Sir. iInterspecies

iINTERSPECIES 2447 days ago

1of2 - For ever Young (Yin Yang) - Steve; many, many THX for Your "iWoz - Book", so now it´s the Apple Story Complete. Hope For Your come back, Dream-team Together & again - make Apple & Mac Open and Clean, to End the Project:

Luckio 2466 days ago

Maestro!! un saludo para usted desde Chile!

milehighed 2473 days ago

Woz is rockin' his iPad. Nice!!! You rock dude!!!

cololinks 2476 days ago

I want one!:"( but i'm soooooooo broke! la vida.

euonymous 2477 days ago

Can't see the edge of an iPad w/o thinking of Stephen Colbert chopping vegetables with it.

driwatson 2479 days ago

I wonder what the Homebrew Computer Club would have though?

therevted 2480 days ago

Hope to see your tweets on how you use your ipad. I know you will test its full potential.

ebabbie 2481 days ago

Lovin' mine. Figuring how to divide up the work among machines.

osamo 2481 days ago

うらやましい! ほんと嬉しそうw

zevmo 2481 days ago

Use it in good health, Woz!

neonte13 2481 days ago

One of the coolest guys ever playing with a cool new gadget... nice. Also I love the Rasta referance joke... I and Ipad, nice... very nice.

italianapple 2482 days ago

...would you imagined that after 30 years this? May be yes!

BoogsterSU2 2482 days ago

ur lucky i dont have one :(