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Ant needs to fill up the space above his fireplace. Any ideas?

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2669 days ago

Ant needs to fill up the space above his fireplace. Any ideas?


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sadiexoxo 2641 days ago

A giant painting of himself as emperor of chateau cumia

Greenhorn31 2642 days ago

He needs to fill the entire area with an Obama Painting...:D

Granny_Mae 2653 days ago

life-size jesus on a cross, ldo

nick620 2657 days ago

How about Ope's painting? Na, Stars and Bars baby!

MudValve 2657 days ago

It needs a horse's butt.

xoberonx 2658 days ago

looks like the perfect place for a big red nazi flag. place looks like indiana jones should be ringing the bell asking to look at the tapestries.

Meowcrazy 2660 days ago

I could stay there and you'd never have to see me.

uncabubba 2662 days ago

How about a keg and tap?

seanale 2663 days ago

A big picture of himself, but behind the picture is a safe where he keeps the 1955 Grays Sports Almanac.

cginsr 2664 days ago

velvet hanging of dogs playing poker... oh yeah holding guns of course

Joshslocum 2664 days ago


BlackoutEarl 2664 days ago

How about a I picture of the master of the house, Keith.

rcbishop 2665 days ago

Should throw a plate of spaghetti at close to the ceiling as possible and have it leave a streak of sauce to the mantle...Good memories!

mjwilson14 2666 days ago

I think a large confederate flag with stalker patty crusified on it would fit just right

jimirwin 2666 days ago

will701 2666 days ago

Duh, guns.

sammysanchez 2666 days ago

Gun rack.

teetoe 2666 days ago

a portrait of President Obama.

WetChicken 2666 days ago

Just make sure the painting of Hitler is visible from the front yard, that will keep the pesky neighbors and their baked goods away.