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I like this police escort to the hotel,perfect to save time in traffic!:-)

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2223 days ago

I like this police escort to the hotel,perfect to save time in traffic!:-)


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emilyannmtz 2212 days ago

haha i saw you being escorted how lucky haha :)
the show was great

ravinangie 2219 days ago

you were amazing! best night of my life!

ArabellaTrevino 2220 days ago

thanks sooo much for coming to SPI i had an amazing time.

alexaissoindie 2220 days ago

OMG. south padre island. OMGOMGOMGOMG. Amazing.

maxgolovanov 2222 days ago

, after that we are looking forward for second part of your big tune "Traffic"! lol

alenoise 2223 days ago

wow!! i need one like this!! cuz here in México city, the avenues are great places to park the cars for some hours hahahaha

Tiestofan4ever 2223 days ago

I would like the same for the Brussels traffic!!! ;o)

karina2303 2223 days ago

hell yeah that saves time,,cant wait for the show tonight

Technogirl22 2223 days ago

I dont think you need security , entire world Loves you Mister !!

djrascalvanruss 2223 days ago

Could you not just leave earlier??? Why need to show off? That doesn't make you look cooler. A bit silly i would say!

hguelssi 2223 days ago

Farisa_Khan 2223 days ago


NAX75 2223 days ago


9CXG71 2223 days ago

Now, that is what I called VIP!!!

jayaregallegos 2223 days ago

man i cant wait for tonight i wish i had vip tix!

Zaveee 2223 days ago

thats how we do it in Texas! :D

theundercracker 2223 days ago

Crossed that bridge soooo many times!

mat_msa 2223 days ago

Muito Fodahhh!

AlfredoEumana 2223 days ago

That Long Bridge!!!

vanessastrange 2223 days ago

i recognize that bridge! :D your headed to the beach! :D