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Fw: TMZ story

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Fw: TMZ story


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writer22star 1792 days ago

Lindsay is one of the coolest actresses ever. I like the 1998 film The Parent Trap, as it's neat.

PeTyrone 1851 days ago

Yo kid , let them mother f$ckers hate, that's a haters job #KattWilliams #weed

marcelly116 1852 days ago

hi lindsay i am your biggest fan I wish you much luck. Happy Birthday in advance I'm Brazilian but I know a little English. one thousand kisses for you I'm rooting for you kisses

Baah_Lohan 1883 days ago

Eu sou brasileira
Eu sou sua fã ²
Eu amo você !

rosselle27 1907 days ago

i love lindsay no matter wat i know lindsay will be back..and im always praying

MooNJE0816 1907 days ago

I am Korean
I am your fan
I love your Movie!!
I pray for you (^-^)

ehv2 1940 days ago

lindsay dosent need anything except a great story a supurb director a producer she can trust a agent with a virtuous streak of hustle a studio to back her comeback movie and the chance for america to realize again they loveLL because shes a sweetheart in

nev38uhh 1982 days ago

Doesn't anybody speak understandable English anymore?!
You need to be around Sam.She is the only one who can help you be beautiful again,inside and outside.You have so much to offer.Fight thru this LiLo.

mygrickmike 1992 days ago

you live n hit history notice ¡¡umbral never forget you nice face ? kiss lady

larryoasis 2054 days ago

RT Hola amorcito,un besos con amor.

skorpio19 2070 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey coma :)

igorgustav 2082 days ago

You is nice

TheJessblack 2098 days ago

wrote somethin years ago about chessie makin u cry n now know why say bye bye bye and for him we'll fight

polinaXx 2116 days ago

pleace vote (stem) so I can win a camera ^^

tHEwHirldiSmiNe 2118 days ago

Yo girl.. Don even trip on no 1's fukin "advice" u live ur life girl the way u want, just kno we <3 ya bcareful

JD_MUA 2119 days ago

in just helping you and being what you need more than anything right now honest, kind, and loving people.

JD_MUA 2119 days ago

would be in it for your well being not money or fame. Someone that you can laugh with and know they're heart lies

JD_MUA 2119 days ago

Stay with My bf and myself and act... Be someone else for a bit and lay low for a bit. U need someone that

JD_MUA 2119 days ago

Use your talent to get threw this. Here is an idea and only using myself for example... Fly to Tx

JD_MUA 2119 days ago

Knowing what addiction is like you wont stop the cravings until you get over the reason you do them.