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I just finished making this monster. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

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2305 days ago

I just finished making this monster. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.


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Tom_CGM 2221 days ago

soo kool

RobAkaBobby1989 2249 days ago

I love that monster xD, i wish they would of released a armor so i could look similiar to him =P

EgasClan 2287 days ago

Oh Okay thanks. Now I'll just have to farm for diamonds,spinal tap, and the voucher.

Sooners201 2287 days ago

At LiteSage_AE it is normal from the spin the wheel to get more then 1 itemthere has been periods that i will turn in 5 shoguns swords in a row and get 5 items everytime nd there will be times that i get 2 or less it all depends and its random

EgasClan 2288 days ago

Tercess is a cool place, even though I'm not a member. Milt,is awesome. Is it normal to get more than one item from spin the wheel?

Dolmorion 2288 days ago

But poor non-members to bad they are doing blind dog quests to reach you...and your...unopenble shop.No wander they use trainers to open it....Heh.

Dolmorion 2288 days ago

Hey Milton.Nice changes you make to your secret....you should change them on daily basis....and your doing a good job makeing members use the upgrade to the fullest.

Aardvarkin 2292 days ago

Today u really looked at this guy, he did have any interesting g drops so I killed him once and moved on to Tercess, great job Milt, I understand why AE hired you, keep up the good work.

Priest_Hidan 2292 days ago

Nyar, ya like a window that you can scroll through. It will appear every time a monster drops something. And will disappear when you log out. I think it will help?

NyarlathotepAQW 2292 days ago

New window, Priest_Hidan? Like with Quests, where you can scroll through it? Or like the Temporary Inventory?

DisturbedAE 2292 days ago

Maby make an quest that u must turn in 3 diamonds for 1 contract i mean it is still hard like evrything but another option to get the contract.

Priest_Hidan 2292 days ago

LoreDsl & tsuki, i think it is intended for the higher lvl, committed, and lucky (:P) players that are willing and able to do. And also would anyone consider the number of drops > 6, we can't click on "yes", they go out of screen. may b a new drop window?

LoreDSL 2292 days ago

I totally agree with you! I would farm 20 mil to get those diamonds.. The are freaking hard to get.
Miltonius please make them BUYable.

tsukiyomaru0 2292 days ago

Sincerely, Milt... You should drop the idea of your secret map. Three reasons: 1) You should have worked as a team; 2) This hindered the Vampire side of the war; 3) Is too uninteresting.

MrSebi 2292 days ago

Pet that gives diamonds? The rocky dude? milt: farming TWO MILLION GOLD is faster than getting a single diamond from that dude!

ZeoTheIceElf 2292 days ago

I agree with Priest. Hey Miltonius, is there any chance of "Miltonius' Contract" getting its own hard quest (like Void)? There are so many items in that one quest now....and i've been trying since the quest came out and still no contract. Just wondering.

mturf 2292 days ago

hell yea, ur personal area is great. its that one thing i always like in rpgs, the optional mental stuff. the 100 floor dungeon to get 1 item. the seemingly endless maze that keeps changing. the stupidly powerful "weapon" boss. more, mooooore!

Nulgath 2292 days ago

Thank you for your support Priest_Hidan. Working on what I enjoy first has always been my priority. I've always worked like that and it's taken me far. Also, there IS a way to buy the diamonds for less than 2 million. A certain pet allows you to do that.

Priest_Hidan 2292 days ago

Well, there are other artists. I actually like Miltonius being busy with his personal area. May be it will be part of the story line... just wait and watch. Miltonius, would you mind adding diamonds to your shop for 2mil?

Shadow_AQW 2292 days ago

Yeah, let us get some more diamonds, they're so hard to get. ._.