Quinton Jackson


There's nothing wrong with fighting for the right things.

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tapiaga 2236 days ago


howcansheslap 2267 days ago

Everyone know Shad's your boyfriend. Stop with all the bs hype.

hickspanish 2276 days ago

ballsvader i wasnt referring specifically to dana white just to anybody who happened to be president the remark was meant towards rampage so unless you and rampage got a thing get off his jock cause i think he can handle his own business

BallsVader 2277 days ago

Hickspanish - 1.get off dana whites nuts. 2. The UFC was absolutely in the wrong why do you think they bought him a brand new challenger when he came back. Dana had to cover his ass but I think rampage did the right thing. boo rashad! war rampage!

ALEXDRUM 2277 days ago


hickspanish 2277 days ago

rampage cant you be even just a little bit original if u would have disrespected the UFC and i was president i would have personally hurt yo then fired ur punk ass for being so ignorant you conceded bastard!

Redhorse75 2277 days ago

Movie is gonna be awesome. But I really miss you in the octagon!! I'm hyped!!

FourEvErSlik 2277 days ago

I pity Evans when you knock him out worse then Machida did :)

jonfromnc 2277 days ago

Should just fill up that water pistol with coffee, be faster. LoL

PeaceLoveAndMMA 2277 days ago

Looking forward to the movie, dude. good luck against Evans!!=)

ssmfresh 2277 days ago

I Pity Rashad Evans may 29th

_GagasMonster_ 2277 days ago

Awh Rampage Yu Look Class. . Follow Me Plzz :D

ClevelandRoxx 2277 days ago

just saw the new trailer...looks crazy