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Last day in the sound mix.

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2526 days ago

Last day in the sound mix.


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BrianJArmstrong 2517 days ago

why did Paramount cancel guild screenings for Iron Man 2?!

MauveSunset 2523 days ago

I already have friends lined up to see IM2 with me. Trailers look fantastic : )

kensingt0n 2525 days ago

SWEET! Going to stuff these into cereal boxes? I eat Cap'N'Crunch! Can't wait for the new flick. Starting on IM3 tomorrow? :-D

Marvel_zombie 2526 days ago

So excited for this movie!!

HeroesArentBorn 2526 days ago

Awesome! I cannot wait! It is going to be fantastic!

Chaply 2526 days ago

that is so money. tell me that isn't money.

Zurkey 2526 days ago

Iam assuming "R8" on that screen back there is Reel 8? If so thats a pretty long movie, suggesting that scene is near the end of the movie? :)

A5J4DX 2526 days ago

im also dying to watch #ironman 2 :D its gonna be gr8 even better than the first :D

hmcknight 2526 days ago

That's just awesome! And on the screen, the back-to-back Iron Man and War Machine shot in the gardens!

EklypseMoon 2526 days ago

totally awesome!! I'm dying to watch and listen the result :)

cheesehead1976 2526 days ago

Great way to cut costs! Just put RDJ in the helmet and CGI the rest of the suit! Brilliant!

movieangel 2526 days ago

So cool, I´m already excited! xo

thatoneturk 2526 days ago

Oh- starting to get excited!

rebaskadir 2526 days ago

cool gumball machine can i have one

rachellemabelle 2526 days ago

Gee if I had one of those staring at me I definitely would never procrastinate. Where do I get one?