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1636 days ago


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Moo522 1537 days ago

ahh, theres a thing called Zillow

AndrewCMFrancis 1605 days ago

I want an iPad. I really want an iPad.

zany_zigzag 1636 days ago

Have no idea what half of these are all about...but YAY for Twitterific! :-D Really want MagicPiano too - if it's what I think it is.

Bebejax 1636 days ago

snakelegsoup - Disney has an application for kids which allows you to emulate Tinkerbell from the latest films, and run a number of missions - it's actually pretty good - my girls love it... Not entirely sure why Stephen has it tho :0)

ianhoylejackson 1636 days ago

Almost Over-cum with anticipation

KatjaFin 1636 days ago

I can't wait to get the iPad

speedymichel 1636 days ago

OMG it's the iPod Mega!!!

Legoshoes 1636 days ago

Methinks i'll hold back on getting one of these until it's truly set itself apart from the iphone.

IanBHunter 1636 days ago


kebushima 1636 days ago

Your love of gadgets is delightful. Things, mere 身外之物 have had such a bad rap. In Canada, we must wait a little longer. But Canadians are a patient people, if nothing else. Happy Padding!

dww84 1636 days ago

Nice post! How is the comic reader?

jaki_r 1636 days ago

Fairies Fly IPad? Please explain.

snakelegsoup 1636 days ago

Ach, I mean CAN'T get my head... etc

snakelegsoup 1636 days ago

Yeah, but, what's it FOR? What does it DO? I am a gadget freak too but I can get my head around this one.

ClayRivers 1636 days ago

Yeah, I'm thinking I just might be wanting an iPad REAL soon. Resistance is futile.

_stroud 1636 days ago

Sketchbook would work great in an iPad.

LindaLouise44 1636 days ago

Hope you enjoy your new toy! x

labaronesa 1636 days ago

Decided a couple of hours ago to get one. Calling Apple Store tomorrow.

ADL2007 1636 days ago

Look's very sleek and fresh.
Still dissapointing that it can't play flash.
When will you learn Apple?

aceyart 1636 days ago

Merlin I want one, so pretty