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Here's @notsam getting spanked by a "cougar".

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2937 days ago

Here's getting spanked by a "cougar".


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sadiexoxo 2908 days ago

I really didnt see the appeal of this woman. I understand older women need love too but...

Meowcrazy 2927 days ago

nice head

stevewiz 2932 days ago

I think he looks more like carrot top without the red hair

fredziffil 2932 days ago

Has anyone ever said Sam looks like Carvelli from "Welcome Back, Kotter"?

hotshot70 2933 days ago

I am watching Beerfest on Comedy Central and that one gay prostitute looks a lot like Sam!

walkercnl 2935 days ago

i think sam should get a haircut like dave and fez.

MitchInTexas 2935 days ago

Cougar should have checked his prostate.

JuggerMick 2936 days ago

wow Sam looks like a young Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons with that hair

HuxleyOrwell 2936 days ago

That's Sam's greatest treat of all time. I hope his girl wasn't mad.

RATTFINKSTER 2936 days ago

The lady I thought you guys were going to goof on looks like Martha Stewart.

rabiddtreefrawg 2937 days ago

A cougar beating a throwback cub

deeman0734 2937 days ago

that chick looks pretty hot there! oh, that's sam.

hotshot70 2937 days ago

Bob Kelly is gonna be mad that someone laid a hand on his "creepy gay kid"

nyyyccceee 2937 days ago

it looks like shes fisting him and someone else is spanking him

waddledoodle 2937 days ago

somewhere bob kelly is focusing on sams undies

surfingtrucker 2937 days ago

Can't wait to listen to the replay tonight - she looks hot...in an old lady, Carol Brady sort of way.

StuFromOtown 2937 days ago

Wow, she looks nothing like she sounds. Did she pull her arm out of her sleeve for the spanking??

truckerchic 2937 days ago

Im old I like younger guys...OMG IM A COUGAR!!! ugh

ghosstman 2937 days ago

Sam needs dreads now. And I think a Handel bar mustache contest is in order