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1978 days ago


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Chauieee 1973 days ago

Haven't had a good burger in awhile =P

Audioscapist 1973 days ago

a little charring, and a little steak tartar... people, you know you can even eat chicken sashimi *IF* it's been raised in the right conditions! beef is absolutely no different (and it retains more of its nutrients that way)

bryansiegfried 1973 days ago

Still mooing = perfect. i can haz chzberger?!? OM NOM NOM!!!

9CXG71 1973 days ago

looks delicious!!!

LauriRottmayer 1973 days ago

Yum. My favorite food. :-)

LauriRottmayer 1973 days ago

Yum. My favorite food. :-)

boomerdrums 1973 days ago

Oh man. I said that out loud when I saw this. Looks amazing

RockTacos 1973 days ago

Y'all complaining about that rare ground beef need to man up. And if they grind their own meat, (which I'm sure they do,) there's little danger of E. coli. Nice try on that excuse for being a wuss, though.

PezDeMadera 1973 days ago

Overcooked or not ppl! It looks sooo good!!!!

beasharif 1973 days ago

Slap it back on the grill, needs to be pink for me.

IreneBecker1 1973 days ago

My mouth is watering!!!!!!!

cacason 1973 days ago

although it looks tasty. that is an amazing way to get e. coli

GazugaXP 1973 days ago

This looks so good! I love a med-rare burger done right.

loveroflifenh 1973 days ago

Oh yeah! The perfect burger! Now if it was only bison meat instead of beef. :) Thats exactly how I cook it.

ianvid 1973 days ago

That burger is wee bit undercooked for me.

tccdaddy 1973 days ago

Drop dead gorgeous

tavallai 1973 days ago

If that's good beef, it's overcooked.

KimKollage 1973 days ago

A fille- yes give it to me mooooing but I cant do burgers that way. Dont know why, just cant.