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Your dinner in Vienna tonight.

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1613 days ago

Your dinner in Vienna tonight.


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RJLSR 1576 days ago

Oh! What a Tweet!

RJLSR 1576 days ago

Oh! What a Tweet!

CircusJane 1610 days ago

It's Dick Roulette, which is also a great name for a male escort service. You're welcome.

commie_kamikaze 1611 days ago

please excuse the shitty grammar, and the word "shitty".

commie_kamikaze 1611 days ago

the world's first corn dog synchronized swim team!

JeffreyHartmann 1612 days ago

Whereas the Unemployed are held to the highest standards of behavior, decorum and professionalism on social networking sites, I shall refrain from creating any post which include the phrase "pizza envy". ;)

AlyzabethM 1613 days ago

Well, if you are going to die of a heart attack, Vienna is a beautiful place to go!

mysteryj33914 1613 days ago

From the Freddie Krueger cookbook.

BethJarvis2 1613 days ago

It's missing the cotton candy.

butler 1613 days ago

I hope you meant to say SEVEN handjobs. Also, you think they'd have the decency to de-stick the corndongs in this place.

Aperetti 1613 days ago

I think the chef was inspired by one night in the dorm during his year abroad at an all boys boarding school that was next door to a Pizza Hut.

YanagiTrebuchet 1613 days ago

Putting the handle sticks in the middle is part of a conspiracy to get people to eat pizza crust first (and the crust probably doesn't even have undercooked cheese like an American pizza). Jon Stewart would probably say that all this item is missing is th

ladylesleyss 1613 days ago

What's that white stuff?

megnphllps 1613 days ago

Hmm...I had a pizza with french fries on it once in Assisi, Italy. Probably of equal caloric/coronary value.

msirismg 1613 days ago

This is oddly appealing...wish they'd removed the sticks, though!

aviankramer 1613 days ago

Yeah I'll have one of those... extra cheese... hold the Popsicle stick

Kuhliene 1613 days ago

Holy Shit! I would totally give this pizza a hand job.

cjmanriquez 1613 days ago

I wanna meet whoever created this masterpiece.

Mjausson 1613 days ago

Ugh, I was hoping for Wienerschnitzel.

ctollestrup 1613 days ago

It looks like the wheel of misfortune.