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Thinking about getting some Jordans. Which one should I get?

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2444 days ago

Thinking about getting some Jordans. Which one should I get?


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CrackHeadAttack 2401 days ago

bro you should get some running shoes for the 29th.

hurricaneappin 2444 days ago

Get the all white its summer get the trow back lowtops

Vinny9988 2444 days ago

right hand

jonfromnc 2444 days ago

Think you should go with some work boots to stomp on Evans with, the Jordans just won't leave the same impression or clean up as easily.

Brewers0823 2444 days ago

hes not rich mma fighters dont make alot compared to other sports and arn't you sponsored by nike

gatur 2444 days ago

fuck the jordans, get some cowboy boots like a real man.

dkillian19 2444 days ago

Focus on Rashade!!! I'm a huge fan, but please don't let that bitch beat you down...Remember ring rust!

MarcosCordero 2444 days ago

Get some Kobe Hyperdunks for now and customize some Jordans at NikeID.com

SomethinCleHver 2444 days ago

Get them both. Isn't that a perk of being rich?

psychoblack2010 2444 days ago

dont buy shoes from 3rd street in memphis alot of their shit is fake

psychoblack2010 2444 days ago

what mall is that?

psychoblack2010 2444 days ago

get the red and black flu game 12's on the rack. their better than both the ones in your hand

jayteg 2444 days ago

Get both Rashad will be jealous!!

TANKDOGG7233 2444 days ago

I prefer the XI's. But the ones on ur right are cool too.

bsmith960608 2444 days ago

right hand...or both i know you got dat bread

HoomzRM 2444 days ago

both ugly.

TivNan 2444 days ago

get the six rings pair.

will1718 2444 days ago

get the ones to your left. Check if they have the spizikes they look better and they're the same color. I brought the spizikes 2 weeks ago and they're the best kicks I got.

jimbreezy21 2444 days ago

I got the ones in ur right hand, u gotta go with them son

mmafan1984 2444 days ago

Get Kobe's.