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2491 days ago

New Email Address


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KBeau03 2477 days ago

Troy...never knew you were a Padre owner. I've lived here for 40 years and yes, I know there's a new group in town but just never saw your name. Got your jersey, got your autographed photo, how about putting me and a friend on your guest list when the Dod

judyaj8 2481 days ago

Hey Troy!! I just wanted to let you know that I have followed you since 1991. I am so excited about Twitter!! I have met you twice in Jackson, MS when you were at the Zoo. I visited Dallas in March of this year and saw Texas Stadium...what's left of i

Piccolella7 2483 days ago

Hey Mr Aikman!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A GOD LOL!!!!!!! But I wanted to ask you how do you feel about Texas Stadium leaving?? I mean are you sad about that place going all the games memories.. I'm sad because i grew up there watching you play..

ajflj 2486 days ago

Hi Troy
i like this new page
my name is Devin Smith im 18 and High Funtaning Autistic and im glad i finally get to right more on twitter
you are a great commentator
i am a New Jersey Devils fan as i live in New Jersey
and i am focusing on The Dev

amphebarnes 2488 days ago

Looks sweet Troy - represents class which was your staple when
stepping on to the field - that along with the look that said
this game is over! Keep up the good work with the sportscasting
Ny loves you man!

hadessagirl 2490 days ago

press on towards your goal whats ahead of you this hunting season and all walks of life

mhaslem 2490 days ago

yeah nice logo, I like it.

papags77 2491 days ago

Looks awesome !! How about adding MVP after the Aikman?AIKMANMVP"let us be your most valuable player. Just a thought.

troyaikmanfan 2491 days ago

So, when are you going to update your webpage? And open your store? Can't wait to go shopping!

CHRISTIE__ 2491 days ago


bluesharkaqua 2491 days ago

I think this is a smart move for your marketing, looks very classy. Would you please mark my tweets private as I have some business proposals that might interest you.

GuyHella 2491 days ago

Aikman Enterprises... It has a very cool sound to it... Nice logo

blondiex46 2491 days ago

very creative!!!

WABAU83 2491 days ago

Nice, would Jerry not let you use the Star?

coreywentworth 2491 days ago

Love the logo Troy! Very snappy and great colors!