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This is what I see everyday!!
Good times!

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2249 days ago

This is what I see everyday!!
Good times!


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Lisakygrt 1974 days ago

cHi check out

CarrotSpoons 1974 days ago

why am i staring at random working people? oh yeah because it's in Kendall's album.... :/

SierraNSmith 2157 days ago

thats so cool

LifeInBlaireii 2249 days ago

Wow, that's awesome!!

AlbertJr24 2249 days ago

Thanks to those guys also for making it possibel thank you for showing us.:)

Irene_Andrea 2249 days ago

Ah!! Part of my future job as a director ! LOVE IT!!

timber_123 2249 days ago

Cool! So... What episode are y'all filmin' today?

JonasSupportxo 2249 days ago

lol lucky....the white board and a bunch of idiots is wat i see every single day xD. Tired but honestly it's kinda fun to be in school :)

cindyygrimaldo 2249 days ago

lmfao, :) love you Kendall ♥

Viktoriyah 2249 days ago

Yup gotta thank them for what they do! WOw being on set has to be soo much fun!

aliciahetrick 2249 days ago

these men make it happen! thank you, camera men.

Theepatygiggles 2249 days ago

ahaha! u see a bunch of guyz? lol jk jk love ya!(:

AprilRoxX 2249 days ago