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Opie's Eye...the first piece of the famous painting! Ooh aah.

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2702 days ago

Opie's Eye...the first piece of the famous painting! Ooh aah.


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jdedrick 2695 days ago

god damn, that picture is HUGE, nothing worse than big and ugly

rcbishop 2696 days ago

Need to stand back to get the full effect of the painting!

itsnota2mor 2698 days ago

pls oh pls let it be a million doller piece of "goodness" that you left in ANT's up stairs bathroom.

firenicez 2698 days ago

Is it a painting done by Crazy Jen...based on the cold and lonely life of Stalker Patty? Wait...a millionaire with a linolium floor and painted door hinges...Ant needs to show you how to throw money away

rexdart936 2699 days ago

why are opies apt and ants mansion painted the same colors?

rexdart936 2699 days ago

maybe its a picture of opie changing his tire on a lonely road near Mastic LI.

JuggerMick 2700 days ago

one tree going one way the other going the other, and Opie's saying, Whaddya giving this crap to me?

cannedparadox 2700 days ago

Nazi's wouldn't even steal this painting.

LZMF1 2700 days ago

just burn the fucking thing already!!!!!!

HuxleyOrwell 2701 days ago

Is it an artist rendering of the Caylee Anthony crimescene?

FRIJOL79 2701 days ago


bigshowtrucker 2701 days ago

Too bad it doesn't fit IN the bag.

ghosstman 2701 days ago

Yuck I have had better colors on shit paper

rottcloar 2701 days ago

Please tell me those aren't the actual colors... Looks like the "drizzle" on a toilet in a gas station men's room.

TigBomb 2701 days ago

Looks like someone was laughing so hard they drove off the road and hit a tree. Who saw that coming?

jimirwin 2701 days ago

I think the moose already wiped on this painting

justinfolkman 2701 days ago

Its a painting of a moose trying to wipe its ass

CreditUnionRobJ 2701 days ago

ahhhh a winding road flanked by rocks and trees. Is this one of those pics that if you stair at long enough you can actually see other things? Such as.... a fat hairy ass

Ebar0811 2701 days ago

My shit looks better then that

beavereatter 2701 days ago

haaaaaaaaaaa, this sucks!!!!!!!!!(in homer voice)