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I can do all things through Christ who strengthen's me

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1946 days ago

More random crazyness


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FerrinIlene 1940 days ago

B.E.P We infinite :) haha great show!

coachganz 1941 days ago

is this from ultra

mowlicious 1945 days ago

can.oh n follow me..lolol WHO DAT!!!;):)

mowlicious 1945 days ago

u luv her n hope this time it works out.ur like Beyonce and Jay jus not so private but u can mek it happen.on n also try to understand she has to work and mek her own money unlike other women who will want ur money.she tries her best to be with u wen she

mowlicious 1945 days ago

Reggie u nid to get back with Kim.wateva happenned no one knows but if ur camera shy then jus have the balls to totally say NO to appearing on her show or public if you don wanna.but you two belong togetha.she made a man out of u n she loves u.

gAbbyLuev 1946 days ago

if they are coming to a town near you go the show is AMAZING seriously!!

Twisted_Angel80 1946 days ago

wondering if rb made it backstage yet???

Twisted_Angel80 1946 days ago

it's cool to see a star be in awe of other stars

Twisted_Angel80 1946 days ago one sitting near you notices it's YOU sitting by them?

JWooTV 1946 days ago


StepfanieLoreys 1946 days ago

awesomeee.... black eyed peas concert quiero estar ahiii :(

CrystalRose1982 1946 days ago

Its Will.I.Am performing solo each pea has a solo bit they do.

Twisted_Angel80 1946 days ago

it's 12:30 my time.....where ya at rb? what time zone? roflmao

TatzByTiff 1946 days ago

yeah dats tuff...even better in person 2

YOUNG_N_RECKLES 1946 days ago


Mz_Anakalia 1946 days ago

where is this at?

NatLOVESchaz 1946 days ago

You would thinkk you would be in like the first row or backstagee! haha