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A tiny mermaid reclines on a dead Kraken.

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1767 days ago

A tiny mermaid reclines on a dead Kraken.


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jmrowland 1767 days ago

I'm just glad it's a still photo.

zombiebrainz 1767 days ago

But baby, your brains, they smell so.... spicy! (Return of the Living Dead pt. 2)

ctollestrup 1767 days ago

I think this would look more appetizing 20 feet away.

babygothgyrl 1767 days ago

But it goes great with a cold beer and fries...

commie_kamikaze 1767 days ago

Is that a dead Rancor?

SelkieBlue 1767 days ago

**Pokes it with a stick** I think its dead...let's throw rocks at it.

infubilu 1767 days ago

i see it! easy.

DrCox 1767 days ago

Wait, I think I see it... nope, just some gristle.

hardcorps80204 1767 days ago

Ok, now you're just making stuff up.

interrociter 1767 days ago

Oh no! Dick Cheney spawned! Soon it will hatch!

snowster17 1767 days ago

A really fat crab got stuck in some Twizzlers.

Prysmith 1767 days ago

OK. No funny business. Give us a real hint. On second thought, don't.

Kuhliene 1767 days ago

That is something I'd probably want to stick my finger into. And nothing more.

Mariposaland 1767 days ago

What is that...some kind of bread with fruit on it? Too long to be apricot...can't be banana or plaintain, it's glossy...hmmm...

marchhaire 1767 days ago


brx0 1767 days ago

Is that bacon on top? Bacon! WANT!!!

CounterErrorism 1767 days ago

Great. Now I have a hankerin' for... whatever the hell this is.

Sinnet81 1767 days ago

Wow okay you want a reply u got it. Up close and personal

mbranom 1767 days ago

The photo that got the Cincy cops to drop the hammer on the infamous Mapplethorpe exhibition.

A1li 1767 days ago

I think you pretty much covered it,