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I'm still shocked the Black Eyed Peas didn't win any Grammys this year! They def know how to perform!

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2346 days ago

I'm still shocked the Black Eyed Peas didn't win any Grammys this year! They def know how to perform!


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CamilaBelen_ 2334 days ago

True.... they're great performers

_T_BABY_ 2345 days ago

I saw them here in pittsburgh!!! they were really good and so was ludacris!

maissalopez 2345 days ago

Man I miss all the cool shows! BEP is the best! (Oh reggie bush ur picture is from a phhone and you see the entire stage... seats are awesome)

BethWms 2345 days ago

BLACK EYED PEAS rock,Reg!:)Luv them.

munecitadeamor 2346 days ago

Damn!All this people hating! Thank you Reggie for posting a pic for us that are not There. YOU ROCK! Great Talent!

jamiegrod 2346 days ago

yea when they performed in Toronto they were amazing...sure know how make the crowd go wild...

floresrj 2346 days ago

Just let Reg Share his night out with you guys and enjoy the pixs! I manage artists and this is why they are so distant from the public! Can't be nice cause no one appreciates it! Get humble...

floresrj 2346 days ago

Gonna be there tomorrow! If any of u dogging Reggie that have been to any concerts @ staples would know that he is in the VIP Secure floor box seats which allows easy in and out acces to parking lot!! LA is not like no other city. Lots of Clebs need speci

CrystalRose1982 2346 days ago

Just wanted to inform those saying Reggie was far he really isn't. The front section is all general admission they aren't seats just standing. Kinda of like a pit area. He is probably in the control area/vip area which is in the middle of the stadium. Jus

daniwani012 2346 days ago

that concert was AMAZING!!!

dylanacious 2346 days ago

that's actually pretty insanely close considering a group like BEP fill up stadiums

LitesCamAct 2346 days ago

its da blk eye peas show so his seats are irrelevant...enjoy da show boop

sheribabze 2346 days ago

hahaha love it..."imma be imma be imma imma imma be"

Sinnet81 2346 days ago

He wanted to get the picture of the stage in full frame. CHILL

celebinthemakn 2346 days ago

It dont fucking matter if hes in the back damn a concert is a concert just cuz someone is famous dont mean they have to be all up in front of everyone he's keepin the shine on Black eyed peas!!

Natalias_World 2346 days ago

I love BEP, but you just won the Super Bowl this year, you couldn't spring for better seats? Just asking.... I hope you have a back stage pass...

hautecocoa 2346 days ago

They did win three this year... just not on air.

buckeyebrickner 2346 days ago

you're REGGIE BUSH... why aren't you sitting front row?!

Lindzano 2346 days ago

agreed.. paris just posted a pic and she's basically on stage.. at least u have talent :) use those connections

Kristen_Marx 2346 days ago

Ha, I was thinking the same thing! He's so far back!