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“叔叔,我家已經沒有一滴水了,1.5公斤的水可以夠我家做一頓晚飯。”這是12歲小女孩米桂娥在穿越懸崖取水休息途中給我記者講的一句話。自家水窖乾涸已半年之久,唯一可取的生活水源是位於絕壁中間的牛欄江。小女孩娥娥的家住在雲南省曲靖市沾益縣大坡鄉中石口自然村一個陡峭的山腰上。 "Uncle, there is not a drop of water at home. 1.5 kg of water is good for making a dinner," said this 12-years-old girl from a steep hillside village in Yunnan. Water cellar having dried up at home for six months, and the nearest water source is a river amid steep cliffs.