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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

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The Stage 18 is set for the Larry Crowne cast read-thru. Hanx

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1564 days ago

The Stage 18 is set for the Larry Crowne cast read-thru. Hanx


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KathleenParkes0 1526 days ago

why are you hiding behiind the invisable glass?

SCC814 1537 days ago

Can't wait to see the editing part to the script :)

keitan1723 1546 days ago

so cool

rhyain 1559 days ago

Almost as good as being there! T/hanks for letting us "peek" over your shoulder.

wildhoneyfitri 1563 days ago

Happy read-thru!!!

BJaphie 1563 days ago

Dude, those look like chairs for a wedding, not for a long day of reading with a bunch of people...where are the recliners?

ladylesleyss 1563 days ago

First read-thru is always so exciting!!

Cambriacourt 1563 days ago

heart stopping pic.

ashleytank17 1564 days ago

I love seeing the behind the scenes. So interesting!

Miika153Finland 1564 days ago

Yes it's really interesting to see these, I didn't even know there is a thing called read-thru.

Chaply 1564 days ago

i'm loving these behind the scenes. and looking forward to this movie. thanks so much mr. Hanx ! you are the greatest :)

dawjofan 1564 days ago

Enjoy & have fun!

AlyzabethM 1564 days ago

I hope it doesn't last long cause those chairs look really hard and uncomfortable.

KellyHarned 1564 days ago

This is so cool! I'm such a movie buff, and to see the behind the scenes is FANTASTIC!!!!

susanvallier 1564 days ago

So much fun to get a peak into the behind the scenes! Good Luck - not that you'll need it. :))

ineedacook 1564 days ago


Andreina324 1564 days ago

AWESOME!!!! Thank you for keeping us posted. Love U TOM !!!;-)

Staffwad 1564 days ago

Not exactly cumfy chairs!

HollyZerounian 1564 days ago

aw yes ( = have fun

green1976eyes 1564 days ago