Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

We have company on the ride today!

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2668 days ago

We have company on the ride today!


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thanx23 2663 days ago

Why's the guy by the bike filming your feet?

RockDaMullet 2665 days ago

haha that is awesome Lance. You taking pics of people taking pics of you! Rad

ride2bfit 2668 days ago

Do you ever get tired of the cameras?

ironmanjld 2668 days ago

DUDE!? You can drop them like a prom dress! 8)

tyemale 2668 days ago

Nice bike.

skyhawke 2668 days ago

I hope your company can keep up the pace!

eduvauchelle 2668 days ago

It must be really hard to not be anonymous. Being famous is cool, but it would be better if you could choose when.

DrSonne 2668 days ago

and ALL of them on that single bike??? :D

xrpuk 2668 days ago

i rekon lance should make them all ride bikes if they want to take pics ;-)

KevinTranz 2668 days ago

Lance's own personal paparazzi...

susieeft 2668 days ago

They didn't smile for the camera. Did someone forget to say cheese?

cyclelicious 2668 days ago

Do I see back there?

bpende 2668 days ago

Will the company be able to keep up, though?

barbaraitaly 2668 days ago

But how many?!?

faithfulphish 2668 days ago

Paparazzi much?

larrytowell 2668 days ago

Now I know how stupid we photogs look when we are all ganged up for the shot. Thanks Lance.
ESPN Photog-Larry Towell

xrpuk 2668 days ago

just a few press then!