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I'm confused. After the show East Side Dave gave me his right mitten so we can be Mitten Mates.

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2762 days ago

I'm confused. After the show East Side Dave gave me his right mitten so we can be Mitten Mates.


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itsnota2mor 2758 days ago

What do you yeah ues that for, Jackin'off...

firenicez 2758 days ago

A glove for a jacket. You should scissor it up with Dave standin in front of ya. You do know he's admitted to jackin on your jacket right?

hotshot70 2761 days ago

is that from his jackin' hand?

jimirwin 2761 days ago

Is it a "LOVIN' mitten" you use while pleasuring others?

christhetrucker 2761 days ago

what a trade. u give him a jacket and he gives u 1 glove

MissLindsey420 2761 days ago

obviously the mittenless hands go into eachother's pants.

CoffeeDiiva 2762 days ago

how do you keep your mittenless hands warm? hold each others hand? See maybe there was a reason for giving you only one mitten.

wlpur4 2762 days ago

is that like being but buddys

Mandog202 2762 days ago

I think he's hinting at a handjob

c05m0 2762 days ago

Maybe he thought they were oven mitts?

TSchuh1 2762 days ago

Isn't that cute

bkfromctown 2762 days ago

first beard buddies.Now mitten mates. You do realize this will end with him wearing your skin

pyloff 2762 days ago

You shouldn't touch that... YOu know that guy is intimate with shit?

OpeAnt29 2762 days ago

Where is the link to the audio of the black lady calling the repo guy? Anyone?

drdrew319 2762 days ago

Shoot that shit to the sky my friend

papawheelie 2762 days ago

eww, worst gift ever

OpeAnt29 2762 days ago

Opie, what no thank you for signed Larsen card? lol. Do I really mean lol tho? Hmm.

MatthewBorelli 2762 days ago

Aren't you a lucky boy.

scubamt 2762 days ago

Opie be very very carefull is Dave a right handed jacker? Plus you know he has STD's. Quick get the purell!

mlh_arb 2762 days ago

Sniff the fingers, We know where dave likes to stick his fingers!