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To hell with you dilettantes. I'm gonna fry me up some black pudding in its own blood.

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2445 days ago

To hell with you dilettantes. I'm gonna fry me up some black pudding in its own blood.


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babygothgyrl 2444 days ago

My landlord uses that to seal the cracks in the driveway.

PythonCameos 2444 days ago

mmmm, tar cake.

kamellem 2444 days ago

Do people eat this in one sitting?

vancougar2010 2444 days ago

Ahh, the English and their confections.

faithklepperUSA 2445 days ago

This is food?! Are you sure?

Werebears 2445 days ago

I'll be honest with you -- this goes great with ketchup.

hedgerows 2445 days ago

I can think of one very unselfish reason for eating animals: they're delicious.

CircusJane 2445 days ago

Clearly this is a still from Kevin Smith's wet dream about the spontaneous combustion of film critics.

ExcellentCandy 2445 days ago

Hmmm, did you dig my burnt toast out of the trash can?

ScottFilmCritic 2445 days ago

As an Englishman, this picture makes me want to sing the national anthem. (Incidentally, greatest black pudding I've ever tasted is served at this place by Heston Blumenthal who may well be a genius. Or a wizard.)

plasticbrain2 2445 days ago

Breakfast of Sleestaks: tar-fried flapjaks [sic].

tommasz 2445 days ago

There's only one thing wrong with this: everything.

msirismg 2445 days ago

Like I said, thank God for immigration otherwise those poor people in Great Britain would have nothing to eat! Food just ain't their thing!

msirismg 2445 days ago

Looks like asphalt on a platter

SaultTribe 2445 days ago

Fried scab, guv'nah?

RobertsonIvan 2445 days ago

that thing looks like John Cassavete's liver...

ctollestrup 2445 days ago

I think if we could get Superman to squeeze this in his hands it will turn into diamonds!

jygroff 2445 days ago

"more please"

Gargarin 2445 days ago

excellent proper breakfast for a complete black breakfast try it with black peas on Bury market!

A1li 2445 days ago

black pudding: it's sausage, with extra blood