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'casionally for me breakfas', m'am, I jes' make me some bangers 'n mash.

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1615 days ago

'casionally for me breakfas', m'am, I jes' make me some bangers 'n mash.


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ladylesleyss 1614 days ago

The green stuff looks a little outta place...

Sand2Stone 1615 days ago

I've never longed for a Waffle House more. This appears to be an improvement over previous items though.Is goo on top an onion, worm, or pig innard?

msirismg 1615 days ago


ctollestrup 1615 days ago

2 lazy roasted bangers sitting on a soft fluffy pillow of mashed potatoes dipping their toes in a small puddle of brown sauce! It's love!

Maroonsista 1615 days ago

This looks like it hasn't fully been circumsized. Do ANY of your meals there look presentable? I'm 100% prouder that I'm a vegetarian looking at these photos.

chris_filminstr 1615 days ago

hahaha! my daughter is a 2 year child with no prejudices whatsoever yet... her reaction? GUACALA! (mexican folklore reaction for gross)

marcberanger 1615 days ago

A special Anthony Bourdain No Reservations...The phallusy of good cooking in Europe

Suzl4 1615 days ago

European food! YUM, YUM!

Kuhliene 1615 days ago

I'm completely turned on.

Kuhliene 1615 days ago

My God. . .. . ........................... ... .. . . . . . ... . . . . . . .. . . . . ............. . . . . .. . . . . .... ....... ... .My God.

tremolo_arm 1615 days ago

I'm still on the fence with this plate.

kayori 1615 days ago


jygroff 1615 days ago

Two at a time - no thanks. I'm all done with that addiction.

Sinnet81 1615 days ago

Bigger portion please

SitOnItMalph 1615 days ago

It's affectionately termed a "Breakfast Threeway"

Kevin_byDesign 1615 days ago

OMg A Heart attack and waist expander all in one. BUT what a Delicious way to Go.

kimbari 1615 days ago

Well, that explains the accent...

enargins 1615 days ago

Finally! Something that actually looks like food!!!!