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I am Aleksandr, founder of live and make my work in Moscow, where many generations of my family have thrive.

Me with Mr Stephen Fry in a lift. Stuck, stuck, stuck...

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2647 days ago

Me with Mr Stephen Fry in a lift. Stuck, stuck, stuck...


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Ruttledge 2566 days ago

Never is good lucks to be standing with Fry on the behind, always keepings the Fry to the frontage

heronfield 2571 days ago

Glad to see you are keeping good company Alex

athomewithtabby 2575 days ago

Love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

redwinebird 2626 days ago

looking good like the cravat

manicmelon 2643 days ago

Makes ya LOL a lot dont it! LOL

lizelizelize 2643 days ago


BettyBooper 2645 days ago

Fantastic pic. I love it LOL

AlKronos 2645 days ago

I'm glad to see Mr does not restrict his associations solely to endangered species.

FudgeeCake 2646 days ago

I'd watch out - the guy on the right is a mongoose in disguise

Kimberley88 2646 days ago

love it :)

magw 2647 days ago

Are you sure that lift party overload wasn't the reason it broke?

miniminkie 2647 days ago

Looking rather handsome

andyomahm 2647 days ago

alek, you're looking rather dapper!

ginsoak 2647 days ago

brilliant :)

Leafytri 2647 days ago

Genius :)

cblackb 2647 days ago

Very beautiful cravat suits you

chazzalazza 2647 days ago

Ahh You don't look very happy to be there... infact, you look like you're going to cry. was Mr Fry being mean?

jastecha 2647 days ago

Brilliant... so who's folowing who exactly?

davecameroon 2647 days ago

I'll have you know that I have a blue tie just like that. Sammy got it for me at a little shop on Saville Row. The problem with that man is the New Labour hairstyle and ill-fitting suit.

Fhina 2647 days ago

Ah, but who was cleverer, Aleksandr - My money is on the shorter, dapperly dressed furry one!