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1605 days ago


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indiesoares 1573 days ago

Beautiful, I never had the opportunity to see giraffes that way. Only when I was about six years in Sao Paulo.

kplusdc 1602 days ago


MissyRayMills 1603 days ago

Fossil Rim is awesome....but watch out for the ostrich!

jnrdorman 1605 days ago

I was there exactly two weeks ago. Fossil Rim is so amazing!

linsfernanda 1605 days ago

looks like my sister

John_in_Boston 1605 days ago

Stunning when you see how tall they are in person

TheSecretSarah 1605 days ago

c'n 100's of giraffes,bt giraffes in that's summin I ain't never seen.

dawnh87 1605 days ago

I have been there before lol! When I was like 9 I can't believe I remember it but I remember...

luckyluckyduck 1605 days ago

LMAO, yeah I'd be scared the giraffes were gonna bang their heads against the car too. hahahahaa!

IamCynthia 1605 days ago

Am I the only one who gets a chuckle out of the fact she was in Africa but she's looking at giraffe in Texas? HAHA

carls011 1605 days ago

I love Fossil Rim! I went there as a kid once! It was awesome! If your niece wanted to see dinosaurs you should have gone down the road to the dinosaur place where she could dig for bones! That was also fun!

lidiviana 1605 days ago


randomady 1605 days ago

Amazing! I wand to be a giraffe

Faerie0975 1605 days ago

I was ALMOST that close to giraffes last year but I wasn't in a car haha :P

annelisecr 1605 days ago

They are so pretty!! thanks for sharing Kelly!

reedsbeach5 1605 days ago

I can see up the giraffes' nostrils'!!! Cool pics Kell! Thanks for sharing! :)

JDavila86 1605 days ago

Thats awesome! About your niece just take her to Jurassic Park, she can see some Dino's there!!!

Camilla_Pizarro 1605 days ago

WOW you guys are so close!!!!! HAUHAUHAUAHUAH
that must have been an awesome day!! ;)

Ayebooboo22 1605 days ago

Id be scared that they were gonna bang their heads against the car

SoccerAndLife23 1605 days ago

whoa hello there giraffes! lol