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Your breakfast tomorrow in Vienna.

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2313 days ago

Your breakfast tomorrow in Vienna.


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thirdtuesdayusa 2273 days ago

Pork melt, bacon, sage leaf roll...I see!

every1lafs 2274 days ago

It was the day they clean out the fridge, eh? A leftover McDonald's hash brown, double-barrel bangers, and a disgusting grey blob of... whaaa?

Peptidemel 2274 days ago

I see ketchup..(I HOPE those are) beans..a greasy slice of cheese..a danish, some horseradish....and good lord those better be buttery scrambled eggs. O.o

trini76 2310 days ago

I LOVE the comments for this!

bobrk 2312 days ago

Yum, I love it!

Sand2Stone 2312 days ago

That looks absolutely horrifying. Slightly warmed pig parts. Yum.

starshine_3 2312 days ago

Well, it matches.

YanagiTrebuchet 2312 days ago

Sticky bun? I thought it was one of Giger's Alien chestbursters curled into the fetal position. Egg that looks like gum scraped from under table? Check. New expediter needed on the line so edges of plate aren't sloppily smeared? Check.

smittyphd 2312 days ago

It looks like the top layer of a kitchen trash can.

fortunesfool73 2312 days ago

If your bacon doesn't flop when you pick it up, it's over-cooked. Now very hungry.

ctollestrup 2312 days ago

I think I see a tapeworm hiding in there!

TommyLeigh 2312 days ago

Looks like Johnny Depp playing a full english in a Tim Burton pic... 'The Nightmare before elevenses'.

outside62 2312 days ago

Absolutely horrifying. I don't think I recognize anything on that plate other than the bacon (hint to chef: light the stove). Loving all the comments, BTW!

DonalMason 2312 days ago

mmmm. I see a sticky bun on a bed of cantaloupe; bacon and sausage with a pathetically small amount of scrambled egg; beans; mushrooms; potato patty with a side of ketchup and some dijon mustard. Is that the Vienna Tribune?

AllisonHagen 2312 days ago

I'd ask for a doggy bag but I love my dog.

ElRubix 2312 days ago

where are the tortillas

CorvairSummer 2312 days ago

All that's missing is Spam and an ambulance.

sayssa 2312 days ago

definitely funniest place at twitter!

cathiescampfire 2312 days ago

Are those poached baby duck feet standing up with the condiments?

MRoggs 2312 days ago

Looks like goat intestines.